Music Mania Mondays: featuring Lindsey Stirling

I’ve always been in love with the violin and have always wanted to learn how to play. Lindsey Stirling is a beast, so if you haven’t heard of her, definitely check her Youtube channel out!

(Also, I’m not really into dubstep, so this will probably be the only thing you’ll see on here that is related to it!)


Music Mania Monday: Featuring Cage The Elephant

So this is going to be a thing, I guess. Every Monday, I will post a song that I think people need to know about. I won’t say much, if anything, about the songs or bands I’ll be posting, because I like to leave it up to you to decide what you get out of it. Leave me comments, rants, raves, whatever. Music is here for us to interpret and enjoy. Let’s discuss it!

Also, feel free to suggest anything you would want to be featured in the upcoming weeks, and I’ll see what I can do!