Wordy Wednesdays: Zoanthropy

Zoanthropy: \zōˈan(t)thrəpē\:

a monomania in which a person believes himself changed into an animal and acts like one




Wordy Wednesday: Haggard

Where would we be without language?

Haggard: Wild in appearance; emaciated

Haggard comes from falconry, the sport of hunting with a trained bird of prey. The birds used in falconry were not bred in captivity until very recently. Traditionally, falconers trained wild birds that were either taken from the nest when quite young or trapped as adults. A bird trapped as an adult is termed a haggard, from the Middle French hagard. Such a bird is notoriously wild and difficult to train, and it wasn’t long before the falconry sense of haggard was being applied in an extended way to a “wild” and intractable person. Next, the word came to express the way the human face looks when a person is exhausted, anxious, or terrified. Today, the most common meaning of haggard is “gaunt” or “worn.”

– Merriam-Webster