10 Minutes of Random, Unfiltered Thoughts

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

What to say today? I only have ten minutes, and considering I only woke up about twenty of those ago, I’m fighting through the brain fog to string coherent words together.

My hands are freezing, a normal symptom of waking up for me. My vision is blurry, and there is a weird ache in my head that will hopefully go away without my daily dose of caffeine (I’m trying desperately to stop my addiction in its tracks!). My thyroid doesn’t seem to be working too well at the moment, my hormones too low to help my body function. Maybe I’ll go drink a large glass of cranberry juice to help counteract that.

Natural cures versus pharmaceutical ones? I have no¬†clue if it’s going to work, but I stopped taking my meds almost a month ago, and I’m not in a coma yet, so hopefully I’m on to something.

I’m obviously in a macabre mood this morning! I better do a 360, because my man is coming over soon to spend some time with me before I head into work. He usually makes me feel a lot better, just by being here. It’s crazy what knowing that you have someone who cares so much for you does to your emotions.

There’s three minutes on the clock, and my phone is blowing up. It’s most likely him, but I’m on a mission to complete this prompt. (Should I even be looking at the clock to see how much time I have? Oh, well, it’s done and over with.)

I’m hoping today goes well, and I’m ready for the kicking weekend that we have planned, even though those concert tickets we were waiting for were sold out before we can get a hold on any. There will be lots of hula hooping, long walks in the woods, and who knows what. I’m in need of a three-day weekend! Work is too much lately, and I’m slowly starting to realize that I get paid way too little to deal with way too much. (Isn’t that with most jobs though? Especially with those who deal with serving people?)

This is purely me at 10 in the morning.