Life, Death, and What Comes After….

My boyfriend and I had an amazing conversation last night. Neither one of us knows how we came upon the topic of life and death, but we were both surprised (and maybe a little excited) to find that we both believe very similarly about what happens to us after we pass away.

I have always believed in reincarnation. I have some very clear “memories” of my past lives, in the form of intense recurring dreams, and my love of history stems from my curiosity about those dreams. Being raised in a home where religion or spiritual beliefs of any kind weren’t discussed (my mother is agnostic, and my stepfather is only Baptist when the mood strikes him), I never spoke much about what I saw or felt in my dreams. I definitely didn’t discuss the moment in fourth grade when my history teacher introduced us to the horrors of the Holocaust, and I realized that I had been dreaming about Auschwitz for years before I knew anything about the topic. It was something that I kept hidden away. My parents didn’t believe enough and, because I live in the Bible belt, other people would have labelled me as blasphemous.

Which is why, when my wonderful boyfriend claimed that he believed we were all made up of energy that is recycled until we find true happiness, I nearly cried with joy. (Ok, I wouldn’t have cried, but I sure as hell got excited!) We don’t believe the exact same thing (his line of thought goes more towards the whole time is irrelevant ideology and that we all just live this life over and over again until we either get it right or turn into misguided, evil entities looking for a body to take over. Yes, demons. Which, actually, makes some sort of sense to me), but the fact that we could discuss this without wanting to argue about it has to say something about our relationship!

I would love to know other people’s thoughts on the subject. Do you believe that when we die, we are reincarnated into something/someone else? Do you believe we go to another plane of existence? Do you think when it’s over, we are just gone? Please, feel free to discuss this! (No hate-mongering or bashing other people’s views, please. We’re all adults here. We know how to be civil.)